Ghosts are for mansions, not for relationships

Modern dating is a freakin’ MINEFIELD and ghosting is a really, really unfortunate part of it all. For those lucky enough to not know, ghosting is “the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.“ The fun thing about ghosting is that it’s happened forever – […]

Of chairs & anxiety

Call me a Media Studies grad but I love to find hidden meanings where there probably aren’t any. And if you’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with me for the last month or so, you’ll probably be sick to death of hearing me talk about arm chairs. But – praise to the chair gods […]

What’s my age again?

I very clearly remember the first time someone told me I was funny, when I had been funny on purpose, obvs. I was young, at the kids’ table in a restaurant somewhere in Surrey, and was learning, I suppose, how to improvise. Now I’m not saying I’m hilarious – I won’t be doing stand-up or […]

Saturdays can be tricky

I had a spiral, and it was a big one. I guess the quickest way to explain what happened is this: I got drunk, and then I got sad. I was feeling anxious before getting drunk, so thought that having some drinks would help me “loosen up” or whatever. I was feeling anxious whilst getting […]

Non-fiction is hard

When I was little, I loved a handful of things: reading, writing, talking, and watching films. In year 4, I wrote a poem that used the word ‘crystallised’ and I think I won some kind of award for it. I also learned the word ‘disgruntled’ and wrote a two-page story on a disgruntled troll and […]

I’m doing me, boo.

If you’ve spoken to me at any point in the last few months you can probably vouch for what I’m about to say: I have been drinking too much, staying up too late, sending stupid texts, and palming it all off as ‘putting myself first’. I haven’t been doing that at all, really. I mean […]

I’ve been spirallin’

I wrote a pretty long post (like, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of words) about my evening, and the anxiety spiral that absorbed my entire consciousness for a pretty large chunk of it. I went into detail about the beginning of tonight’s spiral – how I ignored the deep hum in my chest, even when […]